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H&M Dragon Tattoo Collection

I’m amazed! Wasn’t that sure with the shirt in the beginning because it’s so loose and you need to pay attention which bra you’re wearing because of the slash, but after staring at it for a while I decided it’s as awesome as the cardigan.

I was also very surprised the cardigan is actually warm (I mean, there are holes in it…).

So if you have the chance to grab something of this collection (I got it through ebay since I didn’t have a chance when it came to the stores in december), go for it.

Skull Cut-Out

So, after I missed out on the skull cut-out shirt by Urban Outfitters last year I found this amazing piece at Zara. I think the cut-out part is even cooler than the one of the UO shirt 🙂

Kitty Cat Dance

Today’s outfit <3

  • Tights: House of Holland
  • Shirt: Iron Fist
  • Cardigan: New Yorker
  • Hat: